So I got invited backstage with the Hogwarts choir for a private meet and greet in Harry Potter world in Universal and here’s the story of how that happened.

my school marching band took a giant trip down to florida over winter break to march in the citrus bowl and my sister and i, being in band, went. The thing we were both most excited about naturally was the wizarding world of Harry Potter in Universal’s Islands of Adventure park. When we got to go to that park on new years eve, my sister spent basically the entire day in Hogsmeade and I met her over there in the early afternoon after riding all the other roller coasters and whatnot. My sister was just chilling there on the little stage area and told me about an a Capella group that i had just missed performing right before I showed up but she told me that they would be back in an hour. So to pass the time until then, we dorked out a bunch, spent a fortune on Butterbeer after Butterbeer, freaked out in the bathrooms there because moaning Myrtle was in them, went to all the shops and bought the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw house scarfs and Harry Potter’s wand, etc.

When we heard the a Capella group starting again, we ran down there and went up to the stage so i could take a video of the performance. because God knows I love a Capella (the Warblers, Pitch Perfect) and i LOVE harry potter so i was kind of freaking out. Especially since when my sister had described them to me the first time, she said the main male singer (the guy next to me pointing his wand in the picture) reminded her of Darren Criss a lot (swoon). and she wasn’t wrong. his voice was right on par with Darren’s as well as his charm, and his appearance and the way he moved around the stage reminded me a lot of Darren too. so it was safe to say i was melting a little bit, and not at all due to the Florida heat.

and then shit got even more unreal. on the second song of their set, dreamboat Darren-look-alike with the voice like sex spotted me and then began to lay on the moves. like hardcore. my sister and i both got it on video so I’ve almost fully convinced myself now that it wasn’t a dream. he started winking at me and waggling his eyebrows and waving at me and just me. towards the end of the set he came over to where i was standing by the stage and held my hand for a few seconds as they finished their song. i was pretty damn close to hyperventilating at this point. at the end of their performance they left again for break but said they would be back in another hour. We decided to wait for the next performance so we spent the next hour freaking out a little bit and absorbing the awesomeness of Harry Potter world. seriously, i wanted to live there. the second performance rolled around and the same thing happened again. winking, eyebrow waggling, and hand holding. holy shit. i was a sad little puddle of melted goo on the ground. Jesus, a Capella gets me going as it is and with him quite literally singing to me, i was a great big ball of sexual frustration. I really can’t do his voice enough justice. and not just his, all of them were absolutely incredible. The soprano girl was outstanding and our beat boxing boy was fantastic. I can’t explain just how awesome the entire thing was. at the end of this set, we saw him talking to the security guard at the side of the stage and then the redheaded girl came over and knelt down on the stage by where i was standing and asked me if i wanted to follow them backstage real quickly for a personal meet and greet. i think i almost died. of course i said yes and so my sister and i followed them to back behind the Hogwarts castle to talk to them in private. the only thing that was going through my mind at this point was holyshitholyshitholyshitholyshit.

once we got backstage, dreamboat introduced himself to me as Derek and then they asked about where i was from, etc etc. really, the whole time i was trying to not gush too much or faint on spot. they offered to take a picture with me and had my sister show them her newly acquired harry potter wand and told us about where they were from in England. and i was dying inside and stuff. i was on the brink of fangirling too hard. oh my god, their accents were so amazing and they were all so kind. once they had to leave though they told us goodbye and Derek blew a kiss to me as they were leaving. i managed to make it out of sight before i literally started squealing and having a major moment. in the middle of the most crowded part of the park.

unfortunately i didn’t see the group again after that because right after our private meeting we had to bust our asses across the whole park to go meet our band in a restaurant for dinner and when we came back two hours later a new a Capella group was performing (they weren’t nearly as good). it didn’t matter to me though because it was still like something out of a movie. i literally knows what it feels like to be weak in the knees now. seriously though, Harry Potter world, a Capella, flirting British boys that look and sing like Darren Criss. i was beyond overwhelmed. for me, the last day of 2012 was quite literally the best day of 2012. Derek and the Hogwarts choir made my entire year. and that kiss he blew me outshone every real kiss I’ve ever had. seriously. i feel sad for any future boyfriends i may have because they gonna have to do the most to match this guy that completely blew me away in the span of two hours. HOT DAMN. BEST DAY EVER.

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